Toyota Denies Allegations That It Planted Story In Wall Street Journal

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

Toyota has officially spoken out against allegations that it planted a story in the Wall Street Journal that absolved the company of an responsibility in their unintended acceleration scandal.

The mess began after The Wall Street Journal published a story citing “people familiar with” the investigation who claimed that the evidence pointed to driver error rather than mechanical or electronic failure on the part of Toyota cars.

Just-Auto, a UK based website, then delivered reports from unnamed NHTSA sources saying that the original story was planed by Toyota. Toyota denies any involvement in this incident, but says that independent research appears to exonerate them of any wrong doing. Us mere mortals will have to wait until the official report and its release in Late 2010 if we want to make heads or tails of this without clouding our minds with bias.

[Source: Just Auto]

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