Toyota Returning to F1 in 2011, Partnering With Hispania Racing

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood
toyota returning to f1 in 2011 partnering with hispania racing

After dropping out of the world’s most prestigious (and expensive) motorsports series in 2009, Toyota may get back into the Formula 1 circuit next season. According to a report by Italian website, Toyota is close to inking a deal with Hispania Racing (HRT), after the team reportedly managed to secure funding for next season. HRT joined F1 for the 2010 season, running at the back of the grid. It has since canceled its agreement with Italian chassis0-builder Dallara and has been looking for a new partner.

The deal would see Toyota provide technical support to the team as well as use of its facilities in Cologne, Germany, not to mention all the R&D Toyota had been working on – including the TF110 race car that Toyota would have used in the 2010 season.

Toyota is reportedly even hiring back engineers and designers that it let go when the Japanese automaker canceled its F1 program in 2009.

[Source: Eurosport]

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