TxtStopper Stops You From Texting While Car is Running

It’s a sign of the times – texting while behind the wheel isn’t cool to do anymore. In fact, it’s pretty stupid, now that we know the dangers associated while trying to do the two acts simultaneously. But for all those drivers who still don’t get it, don’t worry – TxtStopper will stop you from being your own worst enemy.

If the laws, scary stats or social stigma won’t do it for you, TxtStopper will. This professionally installed and handy 12 volt device will make sure you never text and drive again, because it will shut down all communications on any U.S. cell phone when it’s in an operating vehicle. Unfortunately though doesn’t differentiate between a driver and a passenger and will switch on whenever the car is in gear and running.

Available for a mere $200, there is no hard evidence of the TxtStopper working as intended just yet, but give it time. Perhaps judges will make it mandatory for repeat offenders who just can’t put their cell phones down.  And if you happen to have a built-in GPS navigation system in your cell, it would kind of defeat the purpose of having this feature. Oh well, you can always pull over and ask for directions at the nearest corner gas station.

[Source: Ubergizmo]