2011 Scion TC Tjin Edition Tuner Car Rendered by Gurnade

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

As a brand, Scion has marketed its cars to a younger demographic that is interested in modifying/personalizing their vehicles. And with a new, second-generation tC model due out for 2011, it will be interesting to see if tuners continue to be drawn to Scions.

In a definite sign of interest Gurnade (which specializes in high-quality car renders for builders within the sport compact market) has teamed up with Tjin Edition for this Scion tC render.

The bright yellow paint is probably the first thing you’ll notice in this customized tC, but if not, then it’s probably the widebody fenders or chopped roof. The gigantic DPE wheels look a little overwhelming, but is a good fit to the wider tC. A more aggressive front bumper and side skirts naturally go with the package along with the Status Racing seats, Air Lift suspension and custom cage.

For those that have never seen Tjin Edition’s previous Scion tC, it follows a similar idea minus the chopped roof and bright yellow paint. Originally red, Tjin Edition’s widebody tC turned bright blue and was campaigned all across the nation for several years.

Gurnade says that this Scion tC project isn’t planed for SEMA (although we’re still tempted to think it is). The design house will, however, have several other models to show off and AutoGuide will be sure to bring you extensive coverage of the world’s largest aftermarket expo in November.

Plus, say tuned for our review of the all-new 2011 Scion tC in just a few days.

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In light of the recent release of the new Scion tC, Gurnade and Tjin Edition have teamed up to design their own interpretation of the new Scion coupe. Due to the newly fashioned sculpted roof, the car has been outfitted with wide box-like fenders, aggressive front fascia, and matching sideskirts. Although, the design doesn’t stop there! To complete the look, the roof was chopped nearly 4 inches, and the rear windows were extended to visually lengthen the car. Deep-dish DPE wheels, Status racing seats, harness bar, custom grille, Webasto sunroof, HID headlights, and slammed stance thanks to Air Lift suspension also add to the visual appeal and design.

This isn’t the first time that Gurnade and Tjin Edition have teamed up. Last year, Neil Tjin turned to Gurnade to complete his green Chevrolet Camaro. Gurnade will not be building this Scion for SEMA 2010. You will, however, see Gurnade all over SEMA this year. The guys are proud to say they will have five Gurnade designed vehicles at SEMA in three different OEM booths–some sporting custom parts, kits, and products. SEMA is still a few months away, so in the meantime follow Gurnade on Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/gurnade) and check out the soon-to-be launched site at www.gurnade.com.

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