Austin Healey Sprite Featuring Honda S2000 Powerplant

Austin Healey Sprite Featuring Honda S2000 Powerplant

Part of the job here at AutoGuide is scouring the Web for cool content that interests any car enthusiast. While we try our best to stay on top of the news, it’s always nice to check out various builder’s creations, especially those we’d have a hard chance catching in real life. While sorting through some of our favorite blogs, we ran across this Austin Healey Sprite that sports a Honda S2000 motor under the hood!

For those that don’t know much about Austin Healey’s Sprite, it was in production from 1958-1971 and was intended to be a low-cost vehicle, but now we just love them for being a classic roadster with a real clean, vintage design. But spotting one with a new-age Honda S2000 motor under the hood is simply awesome. Considering that over four generations of Sprite models, the most powerful engine ever offered was a 65-hp 1.3-liter 4-cylinder, the 237-hp Honda engine should make this British roadster really go!

Sure some Sprite owners will probably find it sacrilegious, but we’d be lying to say we wouldn’t mind having one of these in our own garage.

GALLERY: Honda S2000-Powered Austin Healey Sprite

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[Source: Jason’s Grain of Salt]