Chevrolet Volt 0-60 Time, Real World MPG Revealed

Chevrolet Volt 0-60 Time, Real World MPG Revealed

Despite the Chevrolet Volt’s carefully orchestrated PR campaign, TransLogic, an online publication, was given a GM-guided tour of the new Chevrolet Volt, but managed to reveal a couple interesting statistics.

The Volt, as it turns out, delivers respectable straight line performance. It’s 0-60mph time of 8.53 seconds isn’t quick, but it’s faster than cars like the Honda CR-Z, and the average driver will be satisfied with this level of performance.

On the other hand, fuel mileage while charging the on-board electric drive system was less than impressive, with the Volt returning 27.3 mpg.

Before judgement is passed, let’s remember that the car, a pre-production model, traveled 16 miles under unknown driving conditions, hardly a scientific measurement of fuel economy. But with GM so tight-lipped about these numbers, and well, everything else about the Volt (going so far as to “negotiate” a unique fuel economy window sticker and previously claiming a 230 mpg rating) we have to wonder whether this means that there’s something to cover up after all…

[Source: The Truth About Cars]