Chrysler Inviting Dealers To Submit Proposals For Stand-Alone FIAT Showrooms

Kilometer magazine is reporting that Chrysler management has sent invites to 600 dealers to come to Detroit and attend a presentation on Chrysler’s plans for FIAT in the next few years.

Dubbed the “Fiat Experience”, the presentation will take place on August 30th and dealers will have until September 22nd to submit their plans. Dealers won’t need to invest in such frivolities as fancy coffee makers and modern furniture either. Chrysler Group VP of Network Development and Fleet Peter Grady told Kilometer that “the requirements for Fiat are straightforward: separate sales and display at launch, transitioning to a full dealership facility as the volume grows. Our goal is to establish a retail network appropriately sized to serve the market opportunity.”

Dealers will be selected on how strong they anticipate the small car market to be – in other words, dealers in the coastal areas and other places where its ok to not drive a pickup truck are likely candidates. Dealers will also be whittled down to a final number based on other metrics like access to commercial financing, sales performance and the strength of their marketing campaigns.

[Source: Kilometer Magazine]