Fiat 500 Small Car Makes Big Splash at Concorso Italiano

Fiat 500 Small Car Makes Big Splash at Concorso Italiano

Displayed proudly amongst its Italian brethren, the Fiat 500 attracted plenty of attention during the new model’s first showing at Concorso Italiano – one of the may high profile events in the lead up to Sunday’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. And to go along with the 500, Fiat was winning over attendees with Gelato and San Pellegrino, while showcasing a lineup of stylish Fiat accessories.

We have no doubt numerous Fiat items were purchased by the monied attendees. In fact, the only thing not selling was the 500 itself – which is set to hit dealers this December. That’s a bit unfortunate for Fiat as we’re certain they could have sold dozens of models to the Italian car-loving participants and attendees at Concorso – particularly to some of the wealthier folks who probably spend more than the Fiat’s MSRP on a watch.

Fiat is set to officially debut the U.S.-spec 500 at the LA Auto Show this December.

GALLERY: Fiat 500 at Concorso Italiano


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