GM To Revive Performance Operations With Small Cars As Focal Point

While General Motors initially abandoned their performance projects division at the height of the economic crisis, GM has re-instated their mandate, but with a new mandate; compact cars.

“We have a tremendous opportunity in the small and compact car market,” said Jim Campbell, Vice President of GM’s performance vehicles and motorsports. “Small cars and compact cars are going to be more and more important going forward, and we’re looking at efficient performance,” he said, citing GM’s NASCAR, ALMS and Grand-Am road racing teams as integral parts of any future compact performance car effort.

Campbell said that the primary focus will be on Chevrolet and Cadillac, but that other brands would not be ignored. Prime contenders for special attention appear the be Cadillac’s V-Series lineup and the Chevrolet Cruze and Aveo. Enthusiasts have been clamoring for a Cruze SS to replace the much-lauded Cobalt SS, while Cadillac’s CTS-V has been praised by a number of global automotive media outlets.

[Source: Automotive News]