Impatient Driver Loses Control, Hilarity Ensues [video]

Impatient Driver Loses Control, Hilarity Ensues [video]

While most of us won’t admit it, we’ve all had our bouts of road rage, but this guy or gal takes it to a whole new level. It’s hard to tell exactly where the individual is, but clearly everyone is waiting patiently in line. Apparently this driver was rather impatient and instead of casually trying to cut the line, he (or she) basically loses their mind driving erratically all over the place.

Even though the clip is short (thank God) and we hope no one was hurt in the making of it, we still can’t help but chuckle that someone can be this ridiculous and be behind the wheel. The best part of it all, they end up back where they started after their little temper tantrum.

Don’t miss the video after the break, it’s one of a kind.

[Source: LiveLeak]