Ken Block Gymkhana 3, Part 1 is Amazing – ly Disappointing

Ken Block Gymkhana 3, Part 1 is Amazing – ly Disappointing

The marketing forces that control Ken Block’s driving career have taken the legendary Gymkhana video series that he stars in to a whole new level. The problem is, that new level isn’t in the direction we’d hoped.

The genius of the Gymkhana videos is that they marketed Block’s sponsors like DC Shoes and Monster Energy Drink using a clever and entertaining bit of automotive shenanigans that achieved internet fame in a truly viral way. Having left Subaru and moved over to Ford, there’s been quite a buildup to the Gymkhana 3 video. Instead of delivering as promised, the new installment isn’t the paint-splattering, florescent light-busting, tire shredding insanity of the past two. Instead its a music video previewing the actual nonsense (Part 2) that is set to drop in September. Worse yet, its an incongruous mix of urban pop culture with the rather un-urban DC Shoes brand.

The video itself is really just a music video by a group called The Cool Kids, with very little Ken Block hoonage and plenty of offensively obvious logos. Like past Gymkhana’s the video starts with a disclaimer that states it is, “a blatant but cleverly crafted marketing scheme to sell products.” Blatant, yes. Clever, hardly.

I you’re still interested, check out the video after the jump:

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