Kia POP City Car Concept to Debut at Paris Auto Show

Kia POP City Car Concept to Debut at Paris Auto Show

Looking like what Hello Kitty might drive if she lived in the Tron universe, this new city car concept by Kia is called “POP” and is set to officially debut at the Paris Auto Show this fall. Taking design cues from the Kia Ray electric coupe concept, the POP is roughly 10 feet long and about the same size as the Toyota iQ. This makes it about a foot and a half shorter in length than the smallest model in Kia’s European range, the Picanto.

Style highlights include a panoramic glass roof and what appear to be scissor doors, while inside the cabin is distinguished by a unique 3-passenger layout with a bench seat for two up front and one central seat in the rear. In a statement Kia says the Pop Concept brings, “innovative design chic and dramatic styling to the city car segment.”

Powered by an electric motor, Kia hasn’t released any info on the powertrain but has said we’ll learn more as the Paris Auto Show approaches.

GALLERY: Kia POP Concept