Lexus Soliciting Customer Feedback With Lexus Advisory Board

Lexus Soliciting Customer Feedback With Lexus Advisory Board

Lexus is soliciting the advice of some 20,000 owners for opinions on product features, social media and demographic information. “This is a great way of listening to customers,” said Deborah Senior, Lexus corporate manager of marketing strategy and communications.

According to Senior, incentives like cash cards as a monthly draw prize helped draw in the substantial amount of responses, which will help shape future Lexus product. “We can use this information in combination with information from other resources to develop future plans. Everything from products to the customer’s relationship with the dealer to the ownership experience to how we communicate with them.”

Lexus is hoping to get a better idea of the wants and needs of its customer base as it battles Mercedes-Benz and BMW for supremacy in the luxury vehicle sales race. The primary challenge for the brand appears to be drawing in new customers while meeting the needs of its core buyers, who tend to be aging baby boomers.

[Source: Automotive News]