Matte-Black and Matte-Gray Ferrari 599XX are Evil Incarnate

As though the Ferrari 599XX isn’t mean enough looking, a few owners have decided to turn the car’s badass dial up to 11 with matte-gray and matte-black paint jobs. The photos were taken by Sevan Calians are from a private event at the world famous Paul Ricard circuit where owners were able to fully test the car’s 700-hp V12 engine and incredible aerodynamics.

Also of interest from the photos are two shots, the first showing what appears to be Horacio Pagani, and the second showing the Pagani Zonda R on track with the 599XX. What makes this so interesting is that Ferrari and Pagani have a bit of a rivalry going on right now, with Ferrari claiming a production-based Nürburgring record of 6:58, which was promptly annihilated by the Zonda R with a 6:47 time. It’s nice to see that the rivalry is a friendly one.

Check out plenty of pics of the matte-black and matte-gray 599XX at the links below.

[Source: Sevan Calians Flicker Photo Stream via  JonSibal]