Michael Schumacher Apologizes To Rubens Barrichello Via Text Message (Video Inside)

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

Michael Schumacher has apologized to Rubens Barrichello after nearly running him into a retaining wall at the 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix. The apology came via a text message, but the actual words were not released.

Schumacher, who defended his actions despite a massive outcry, published a statement on his website saying he was “sorry” and did not intend to put Barrichello’s life in jeopardy.

Now, reports say that Schumacher went a step further and apologized to his former team mate via a text message. Barrichello went on to confirm this, and was gracious in his response.

“Somebody said to him that I was under the impression he had pushed me onto the wall, and he said it wasn’t the case and he apologised for that. I just said ‘thank you, no problem’. I accepted it, wished him a good weekend, life goes on.”

[Source: Sky Sports]

Hit the jump to see video of Rubens and Schumi battling it out at the 2010 Hungarian GP

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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