Mid-Engine Corvette, Dual-Clutch Transmission Not in GM’s Plans; Hybrid a Possibility


General Motors is not planning to change the Chevy Corvette to a mid-engine layout in future generations, despite numerous reports indicating it would. GM’s VP of global engineering, Karl-Friedrich Stracke, recently commented that the much-rumored switch had no basis in truth. In addition, GM spokesman Dan Flores reiterated Stracke’s comments stating that, “The rumors and speculation about the Corvette are just that. There is no mid-engine in the plans.”

Sadly, Flores also commented that a dual-clutch transmission isn’t planned either – something GM will eventually need if it wants the Corvette to stay competitive with high-powered European sports cars. News of a mid-engined layout and dual-clutch tranny for the Vette popped up recently when a Saab engineer commented to a trade publication that the Swedish division had developed just such a unit for a future mid-engine Corvette.

When asked about a hybrid Corvette, Stracke didn’t deny the possibility, instead commenting about CAFE standards and how offering a hybrid version could be come a mainstream offering, while Chevy would still look to build a conventional powertrain for a small number of dedicated high-performance enthusiasts. Interestingly, he did seem to consider the hybrid layout as an alternative to a high-powered one, rather than using hybrid technology to add power and performance – something other automakers are already are doing.

[Source: Automotive News]