Replacement Headrest Plays DVDs and Doubles as a NES/SNES Emulator

Replacement Headrest Plays DVDs and Doubles as a NES/SNES Emulator

Car trips with the kids can be painful – especially the long ones. So we guess that the Replacement Headrest DVD Player and NES/SNES Emulator system was invented by parents who had just had enough (or by this guy here).

This cool in-car AV entertainment system trades out the headrests on the front seats for a pair of DVD-player-equipped replacements. Complete with an LCD display, an FM transmitter and an NES/SNES emulator, it may not be as technologically advanced as their fancy-schmancy game systems at home, but when they’re forced to choose between sing-a-longs with the parents or this, we’re going to place our bets on the fact that they’re going to choose the latter.

Both of these units can be hooked up together, so they can watch the same movie across both screens, and it also has a built-in FM transmitter that works with your car’s speaker system. This system even pulls double duty as a NES/SNES emulator when you plug in a set of generic gamepads, and it even comes with a CD full of 550+ classic ROMS.

Other features that come with this sanity-saving device include DIVX compatibility, headphone jacks, a wireless remote, composite AV inputs, SD card reader and even a USB port for accessing multimedia content. You can buy it for $175.

[Source: Coolest Gadgets]