Aston Martin Planning Larger Rapide for Lagonda Brand

After Aston Martin‘s botched attempt at resurrecting the Langonda brand with its Crossover concept at last year’s Geneva Auto Show, the British automaker will now head in a new direction, basing an upcoming model on the current Rapide platform.

By all accounts the Rapide has been been well-received, although a repeated complaint is the lack of space in the rear seats of the 4-door. (Why build a 4-door if the rear isn’t even functional).

According to Automotive News, the new plan for Lagonda is to develop a version of the Rapide with added second-row space. Its not clear if this will be a clever way of repackaging the interior or if Aston Martin will stretch the Rapide’s platform. What it will do is help Aston Martin expand its product offering while cutting costs through economies of scale.

Either way, don’t expect the Rapide-based Lagonda for at least four years.

GALLERY: Aston Martin Rapide


GALLERY: Lagonda Crossover Concept


[Source: Automotive News via Autoblog]