Cadillac ‘Competition’ Ad Showcases Brand’s Performance, Hints at an Even Brighter Future


Cadillac has just released its new ‘Competition’ commercial highlighting the brand’s performance side with the CTS-V sedan blasting along Germany’s famed Nürburgring. But more than that, the new spot recognizes where its inspiration came from and where the brand is heading.

Rather than talk about old Caddys, Cadillac directly states that the CTS-V’s was born from the BMW M5 and the Mercedes E63 and a desire to best those two models. This Cadillac achieved, setting a Nürburgring record for a sedan of 7:59 seconds.

The ad then goes on to state that as a brand Cadillac doesn’t see its “world’s fastest production sedan” record as “something to cherish, but rather a starting line from which to keep pushing.” And if the CTS-V is just the start, we can’t wait to see what they’ll do to top it.

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