Cerrari: Signal Auto Converts Toyota Celica to Ferrari F430 Look-A-Like

Cerrari: Signal Auto Converts Toyota Celica to Ferrari F430 Look-A-Like

There’s a saying we use often when we see projects come to life: “Great concept, poor execution.” Very rarely do we run into a situation where a project is a poor concept with great execution. But that’s exactly what this Toyota Celica is.

Signal Auto is also known as Signal Kustom Built and is one of the top car builders out in Indonesia. They specialize in off-the-wall conversions and crazy rides. Apparently a customer came into the shop with a 2000 Toyota Celica wanting to customize it. The client and Signal Auto decided to convert the Celica to a Ferrari F430 look-a-like. The result is what they call a Cerrari.

It took 18 months to do the conversion with Signal Auto hand-building every single panel rather than retrofitting OEM Ferrari pieces. To complete the car, Signal Auto did a custom air-ride suspension along with a set of chrome Forgiato wheels.

To us the result is just a funny looking car, a little reminiscent of the Lego Ferrari F430. The proportions are obviously a little bit off giving the Celica’s shorter wheelbase but we have to give credit to the guys at Signal Auto for their amazing craftsmanship and making the project look as good as it possibly could. We really could have done without the Ferrari shield on the fenders though.

[Source: Jon Sibal]

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