Ferrari to Unveil “Green” California at Paris Auto Show

Ferrari to Unveil “Green” California at Paris Auto Show

According to at least one report, Ferrari will unveil a “green” concept car based on the California at the Paris Auto Show. Rather than use electricity or a complex hybrid system, the concept is expected to focus on how more conventional techniques can be used to make significant advances in fuel economy and help reduce emissions.

Powered by the same V8 engine, the California is expected to get fuel-saving technology that could include lighter internals with reduced friction, a brake energy regeneration system, improved aerodynamics to cut drag, a selectively detaching alternator (to reduce drag on the engine) and possibly even a cylinder deactivation setup that could cut power to some of the cylinders when stuck in traffic or cruising on the highway. We also expect increased use of composites to reduce weight.

This project is the next step in Ferrari’s goal to improve emissions after the unveiling of the 599 HY-KERS model show at the Geneva Auto Show.

Nothing has been confirmed (or even hinted at) by Ferrari, but we’re sure to find out more at the Paris Auto Show.

[Source: via Autoblog]