Ford’s MirrorNavi Combines Rear-View Mirror and GPS into One


Are you lost? Finding you’re way around is as easy as looking in your rear-view mirror, thanks to the MirrorNavi.

Brought to you by the smart folks at Ford, this new Garmin sat-nav is integrated directly into your car’s rear-view mirror. This gadget, built by Garmin and Wollnikom, replaces your existing rear-view mirror, and consists of an ordinary mirror and a 320×240-pixel, 89mm (3.5-inch) touchscreen display located on the far left side of the mirror. It’s available in the UK at the moment and no word when it will be jumping the pond.

The mirror gives you the ability to see what’s behind you and dims automatically at night to reduce glare. The GPS unit itself is based on Garmin’s nuvi 265T, so it’s packed with features while still remaining small.

Cool features to get you around include voice prompts for turns, voice-recognition navigation, lane assistance, trafficTrends (which calculates routes based on predicted traffic levels), and FM traffic to keep you up to date on accidents and construction.

It also comes with built-in solid-state memory (which can be upgraded via a microSD card) and a built-in Bluetooth adaptor.

You can install the MirrorNavi in any Ford car, with the exception of the Ranger and 2009 Ka for £300 (that’s about $600) plus installation charges at your local Ford garage.

[Source: Cnet]