Japanese Tuner Craft Builds Ultra-Clean Rieger Tuning Audi TT

Japanese Tuner Craft Builds Ultra-Clean Rieger Tuning Audi TT

We love finding examples of nicely tuned cars from all over the world and sharing them with you. Here’s an Audi TT we stumbled upon that was built by Craft, a custom car shop out in Japan, featuring a fine collection of German-built products. The result is a very aggressive looking Audi sporting a full Rieger Tuning body kit, which really brings it to life. But Rieger isn’t the only star on the TT, with Pogea Racing’s vented fenders adding a little bit of spice to the front end. For a hood option, Craft chose TID Styling’s vented fiberglass hood that was painted to match. In the rear is a subtle carbon fiber spoiler also from TID Styling.

There is also a fine collection of wheels that the TT rides on, with our favorites being the BBS LMs that Craft laid carbon fiber over on the center mesh design. It accents the bright blue Brembo calipers nicely, while giving the car a true European style to it. Also it looks like Craft fabricated their own titanium (style?) quad exhaust for the TT with massive 100mm twin tips on each side.

GALLERY: Craft / Rieger Tuning Audi TT

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[Source: Jon Sibal Blog]