Lamborghini to Unveil Technology Concept at Paris Auto Show

Contrary to previous rumors and reports, Lamborghini will not unveil the successor to the Murciélago at the Paris Auto Show at the end of the month. That might leave you to think we’ll see the next generation Gallardo on the stand – but that would also be inaccurate.

Instead, the series of photos Lambo has teased us with so far are of a single “technology demonstrator,” says our source.

Some reports have suggested Lambo will unveil both a concept model and the Murcielago successor (or Jota as its being called). Again, our source indicated that just one model would be shown and that seems to make sense. For an automaker like Lamborghini that releases very few new models it doesn’t make much sense to show more than one at a time.

A recent report by 0-60 Magazine shed light on two new models being shown to dealers, the LB715-5 and the 83X. While the naming would seem to suggest the LB715-5 is the successor to the Murcielago. The 83X is, therefore, the likely Paris concept car which will showcase new technology for the brand.

Built specifically for the Paris Auto Show, the concept vehicle is expected to make extensive use of carbon fiber (likely for the actual chassis), while the photos so far seem to indicate it will use a V10 engine. As is also the case with small production automakers like Lamborghini, you can be sure a concept car won’t be put to waste, meaning that it’s likely to head to production or many of the ideas and components showcased in it will trickle down to future products.

No other details have been provided, but we’ll keep you updated as info continues to spill out. Plus, follow our coverage of the Paris Auto Show starting September 30th.