Lotus Elise Concept Usurps It’s Way Into Lineup [Paris 2010]

Lotus CEO Dany Bahar noted that the current Elise has been on sale for nearly 15 years, and we couldn’t but help wonder if it really needs replacing. In our minds, the Elise could go for another 15 and still look timeless, like the Citroen DS or Acura NSX.

According to Bahar, the current Elise must evolve into something more in line with Lotus’ anticipated customer base. The bare-bones roadster thrills are out, and the new geometric styling regime is in, along with a 320 horsepower 2.0L Toyota four-cylinder engine. A 6 speed manual and a (gasp) paddle shift automatic are available, with the car tipping the scales at 2,409 pounds – light by today’s standards, but nearly 500 lbs more than a current Elise, for the hefty price of $55,000.

If this car will help save Lotus, then so be it, but deep in our hearts, the one true Elise will always be the one that made you trip and fall whenever you tried to enter or exit the car.

Gallery: Lotus Elise Concept

2015-lotus-elise-14.jpgDay2 007.jpgDay2 008.jpgDay2 009.jpgeliseinterior.jpglotuseliseconcept000.jpglotuseliseconcept001.jpglotuseliseconcept002.jpg

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