Mitsubishi Puts Delica Minivan Plans On Hold

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

Mitsubishi‘s lineup in the rest of the world is a pretty far cry from the Outlanders, Eclipses and Galants we’re used to in North America. In foreign markets, cars like the i, Colt and Delica can be had instead of the pulse-slowing fare sold here.

Mitsubishi apparently planned on bringing their Delica minivan to our shores, until a rocketing yen forced Mitsubishi to shelve those plans, as the vehicle became too expensive to sell in North America.

Road & Track magazine managed to get one of the evaluation vehicles, and their initial impressions were positive, although they felt that it was underpowered. With a 4000 lb curb weight and 170 horsepower, we can imagine that acceleration would be measured in geological ages, but it looks great. Mitsubishi is devoid of an entry in the minivan segment, and we would love to see this car on our continent. Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t drive one unless we rent one on vacation.

[Source: Road and Track]

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • Mary Mary on Mar 23, 2011

    2 days ago I saw a car, it was a Mitsibishi it was a pearl colour, it was a 7 seater,I liked it very much and I told my son about it and my husband, because they want to change the one they have. I think it was of 2001, this morning I have been trying to find it again, but I could'nt. now I saw this black one and it looks like it very much, but there is only one picture. so I can not see the inside like I did with the white one. thanks mary.