Team Edlinger BMW E30 Is Quite Possibly The Baddest Race Car Ever [video]

Team Edlinger BMW E30 Is Quite Possibly The Baddest Race Car Ever [video]

Alright, we’ve seen quite a few race cars in our time. Probably hundreds battling it out on all sorts of tracks from drifting on Irwindale Speedway to battling Pikes Peak. But nothing, and we mean nothing, comes close to the package of awesome that’s bundled into this widebody BMW E30 race car. Constructed mostly of carbon fiber, this one-of-a-kind beast sports a V8 from the Indy Racing League (IRL). The result? 550-hp (or so) at 10,700 rpm out of a 3.5L, in an 1,800 lb body.

After previewing the car a while back on Speedhunters, we anxiously awaited to see it hit the track in real action. And before we even get into talking about the video, we wanted to commend Team Edlinger on just how clean they did the interior of this race car. It’s not very often that we actually pay attention to a race car’s interior, but it’s worth noting just how much hard work went into producing this machine.

And now we got to witness the car in action through the miracles of YouTube and it’s every bit of vehicle racing joy we could have imagined. The high-revving, flame spitting and spark producing E30 finished third at a German Hillclimb race in the Touring Car Class, but it was also the vehicle’s second event ever. Hit the break to see the video and just smile and nod in agreement of just how cool this car is.

Hit the source link for more info on the car itself.

[Source: Speedhunters]

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