2011 Mazda2 Will Get 70 MPG Without Hybrid System

Mazda proudly announced that their upcoming Japanese market Mazda2, set to bow in the second half of 2011, will get an astonishing 70 mpg without any hybrid technology, making it the most fuel efficient gasoline car on the road.

Using an all new family of chassis, engines and gearboxes, Mazda’s SKYACTIV system is designed to get the most mileage out of Mazda’s cars without resorting to hybrid technology. The Mazda2 will use a direct-injection gasoline engine with an astonishing 14:1 compression ratio, but diesels will be available on other models, notably the Mazda6.

The already svelte car will also get a stiffer and lighter chassis as part of the upgrades. No word on whether we’ll see this car in North America, but you can check out our review of the U.S. and Canadian spec Mazda2 here.

[Source: Automotive News]