BMW 6 Series Transformed into Bugatti Veyron [video]

In the world of crazy conversions, we’ve seen quite a few. Some are horrendous and some are respectable, given the scope of what they did with their project. This one definitely fits into the horrendous pile, even if it’s not nearly as bad as it could be.

This car began life as was a standard BMW 6-Series coupe. But after more extensive modifications to its exterior than Heidi Montag, it’s now a little Bugatti Veyron wanna-be. And while it might pass of as just that to some folks, those who know will just shake their heads in disgust. Truth be told though, the detail and amount of work that’s put into this project is overwhelmingly respectable. For the most part the conversion is well executed, and like we said, it could pass as a Bugatti Veyron to an unsuspecting layman.

We respect the work and the concept, but would we ever be caught dead driving this thing? Um… no!

[Source: GT Spirit]

Video available after the break.

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