Ferrari 599 GTO Makes for a Great 18th Birthday Present


Do you remember what you got for your 18th birthday? Was it an iPod? Maybe a laptop for college? Perhaps just a hug and kiss from your mom and dad? Or even worse, you don’t even remember. Well this kid won’t have that problem, because for his 18th birthday he got himself a very rare Ferrari 599 GTOs.

And better yet, this is just one of many cars in his collection that he shares with his dad. When he was a mere 15 years of age, he got an Audi R8 V8 that his dad didn’t really like much. His daily driver is an ML63 and he also shares a Porsche Panamera with his dad. But those vehicles barely hold a light to what else is in the garage – we spy a Bugatti Veyron and two Scurerias.

Truth be told, we rolled our eyes a tad when we first saw the post, along with many forum members on Luxury4Play. But as the thread grew, along with the skepticism, some forum members revealed that he is a fairly well respected member of the community and is quite mature, all things considered. We sure know if we got an 18 year old Ferrari 599 GTO for our 18th birthday we’d be like a little kid in the candy store bragging to each and every internet-friend we have.

The owner remains anonymous to this day, but we’re glad to see he’s got a good head on his shoulders despite being offered some of life’s finest luxuries that very few get to experience. It’s more than we can say about our good ‘ol friend Nick Hogan.

[Source: Luxury4Play]

Check out all the pics of the 599 GTO, plus the rest of the exotics in this 18 year-old’s stable after the jump:

GALLERY: Ferrari 599 GTO