Honda's "Mr. Opportunity" Ad Third Worst of 2010 [video]

John Tunica
by John Tunica

The Consumerist recently released its picks for the Worst Ads of 2010 and Honda‘s latest installment of its “Mr. Opportunity” series finished third. For this, the first ever Worst Ads in America segment, The Consumerist picked what it determined to be the worst five and then they let people vote for the winners (losers). We’re surprised the ad finished as well as it did.

We know it’s nothing more than an innocent little commercial meant to inform you of the 2010 Clearance Sale, so you can’t expect Honda to pull out all stops for what amounts to “old stock we need to move.” Still, a little effort goes a long way, fellas…

This ad looks like something the intern (Doug) whipped up on his netbook one afternoon when he got bored with shredding old Prelude brochures. The Honda brass (Tim, Jerry) peaked over the cubicle booth, saw the blurry, choppy flash animation combined with nightlife action straight out of daytime television and figured, what-the-hell… if it worked for Brad Pitt and Kim Basinger in Cool World (there’s a reason you don’t remember this movie), let’s run with it.

And so they did.

Why is it that these types of ads are run nonstop throughout the television landscape, while the ads we actually want to see are aired once during the Superbowl when we’re b-lining it to the bathroom with six liters of Sierra Mist in our bladders? This curious decision is the reason why we end up spending much more time with the beyond bland, fun-killing spokesman-slash-Hanna Barbera reject Mr. Opportunity than we do with something at least worthy of our attention, like Honda’s rather clever ad for the CR-Z:

[Source: The Consumerist]

Check out both commercials after the jump:

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