Lexus IS Coupe to Bow as Early as 2012

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Lexus will move ahead with plans to finally add a Coupe to its lineup of BMW 3 Series competitors. The two-door will joint the range as a part of the third-generation IS series of cars, which will hit the road roughly a year after the debt of the new Lexus GS.

The product rollout will begin next year with the unveiling of a new GS, that will ride on an all new (or significantly revised) platform. Like with the current GS/IS range, the future products will share their underpinnings.

According to AutoBlog, Lexus has been pushing for an IS Coupe for a long time now but was never able to get the go-ahead from corporate. The IS Convertible was, however, green-lighted, as Toyota execs (rightfully so) saw a better market for such a model that better suits the more luxurious direction of the Lexus brand. But now with Mercedes set to deliver a C-Class Coupe, Lexus is ready to take on what is arguably its biggest rival in the segment.

Expect a new engine range to be included in the new IS lineup, with an IS-F Coupe to follow!

[Source: AutoBlog]

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