Mercedes-Benz Offering iPad Integration for Headrests

Not to be outdone by fellow luxury sedan manufacturer BMW, or aftermarket manufacturer, Brabus and their iBusiness, Mercedes-Benz has decided to outfit their line of luxury sedans with an iPad integration conveniently located on the headrests for passenger use.

The headrest-mounted iPad dock is similar to BMW’s offering and will allow rear seat passengers to comfortably use and charge their iPads. We’re guessing this is perfect for those busy businessmen traveling on the run, being driven around by their chauffeur to their next meeting. But we have to question, again, how comfortable using an iPad from the headrest of a vehicle really is.

And with the incoming surge of tablets from Apple competitors (powered by Android), are we going to be seeing a new generation of tablet integration in vehicles of the future?

[Source: Engadget]