REPORT: 2014 Ford Mustang To Get Independent Rear Suspension, Lose Weight


With the heaviest 2011 Ford Mustang nudging 4000lbs in curb weight, Ford knows that things have to change if their iconic pony car wants to meet upcoming fuel economy regulations.

Cutting weight and overall size will be the most expedient route, with lightweight materials coming into use throughout the vehicle. The Mustang is also a huge vehicle, and expected to shrink in size as well.

The Mustang is also rumored to get an independent rear suspension, after nearly 50 years of using an antiquated live-axle suspension. While the live-axle setup works well (as you’ll see in our upcoming GT500 review), the Mustang will likely move to an integrated rear-drive platform shared with the more advanced Ford Falcon, which utilizes an independent rear suspension. Finally, the legions of haters will be forced into silence about the Mustang’s rear suspension setup, and Ford will be able to continue the muscle car legacy well into the 21st century.

[Source: The Mustang News]