Scion Tops Reliabilty List, Chrysler Slumin’ it at the Bottom


The latest Consumer Reports reliability study is certainly packed full of more info than you can summarize in one article. That being said, we thought a followup to yesterday’s overview was in order with some added focus on some of the best and worst vehicles and automakers in the industry.

Topping out the list of most reliable automakers isn’t Lexus or Porsche (even if Porsche is second), but Toyota youth-brand Scion. And among Scions, the most reliable model is the rather dull xD, while the least reliable (the worst of the best) is the xB.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s (unfortunately for them) no surprise, with Chrysler slummin’ it with some rather surprising company. Of the 27 automakers ranked, Chrysler was the worst, with the 300C the most reliable of its product offerings, while the Town & Country minivan gets the nod as the worst of the worst.

Joining Chrysler at the bottom is sister-company Dodge in 24th, while the rest of the bottom five consists of none other than BMW, Audi and MINI. Some of the least reliable models listed include the Audi A6 3.0T, BMW 135i, Mercedes E-Class Coupe and Volkswagen Routan.

Some of the more reliable models listed by the automakers include some high-performance machinery including the BMW M3 and Chevy Corvette.

With Scion leading the pack in terms of brand reliability, the top five consists of Porsche, Acura, Honda and then Infiniti.

The Consumer Reports reliability survey aims to predict the reliability of 2011 model year cars based on data collected o the reliability of vehicles from the past 10 years. Date from 1.3 million vehicles was used to produce the latest survey numbers.