Switzer Performance R1K Nissan GT-R Fastest, But Not Quickest: 9.38 @ 155.29-MPH

Switzer Performance announced their Nissan GT-R R1K kit earlier last month, claiming 1,005-awhp through their custom package sporting a pair of Garrett watercooled turbochargers and C16 fuel. And it seems with AMS and SP Engineering all scooping around the 1,000-awhp range, we knew the competition would heat up once these cars hit the actual track proving what they’re really worth.

And the battle for the first 8-second Nissan GT-R is well underway. Switzer took their R1K GT-R out to the drag strip and clocked in a best e.t. of 9.38 and a best mph of 156.44mph, making it currently the fastest R35 GT-R, though not the quickest. AMS still holds the record with a 9.33, but clearly Switzer is close.

Switzer will clearly do more thorough testing in resolving some of their traction issues. Knowing that they have a good 3-mph more than AMS’s GT-R, it’s clear that once Switzer finds some traction their GT-R has a few more tenths to knock off that quarter mile time. How long until we see an 8-second pass?

Check out the two videos after the break.

[Source: GTR Blog]

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