LA 2010: Chevy Camaro Convertible Officially Drops It’s Top in Los Angeles

LA 2010: Chevy Camaro Convertible Officially Drops It’s Top in Los Angeles

After viewing the new Camaro Convertible at a private event yesterday, Chevrolet has today officially revealed the car at the LA Auto Show with Chevy’s marketing boss Chris Perry confirming the Camaros dominance over the Mustang.

Rolling out the newest American muscle drop-top Perry commented that Chevy is poised to close out the year with Camaro sales ahead of the Mustang. He was also eager to point out that so far the Camaro has been able to make such impressive sales with just the coupe model, beating out the Mustang coupe, convertible and GT500.

Sporting a rag-top, rather than a hard-top, the convertible model gains just 200 lbs over its coupe counterpart. Added bracing has been added to the chassis, as well as under the hood, where a massive strut tower bar is a very obvious addition. Both the V6 and V8 engines will be offered with either a manual or automatic transmission. The V6 engine having been upgraded recently now makes 312-hp, while the V8-powered SS will make as much as 426-hp with the 6-speed stick.

Unfortunately many of the cheap plastics from the coupe carry over and they even stand out more thanks to some bright paintwork. Higher grade models get some impressive leather seats, while base models still have a Cobalt-esque look and feel.

Exact pricing hasn’t been set, but Chevy says the car will start at around $30,000 and base V6 models will come better equipped than the entry-level Coupe trim.

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