LA 2010: GMC Granite Compact Pick Up (CPU) Could be GM’s Next Small Truck

LA 2010: GMC Granite Compact Pick Up (CPU) Could be GM’s Next Small Truck

Almost a year ago GMC unveiled its surprising, and surprisingly cool, Granite crossover/MPV-thingy at the Detroit Auto Show. Fast forward 11 months and GMC once again is peaking the interest of not only traditional truck buyers, but also of compact crossover folks with the Granite CPU. The name itself stands for Compact Pick Up and it’s easy to see why with tiny dimensions and an innovative package that makes the CPU a capable truck, whether for work or play.

Rather than a traditional flip-down liftgate, the CPU features two hinged doors that open on the sides and thanks to a slide-out bedliner, there’s plenty more cargo room than one might expect. Flipping out of the bed is a steel rack that can be used for everything from a makeshift surfboard or ladder holder, to a rack to hold up a bicycle. One of the designers on hand at the truck’s unveiling at GM’s North Hollywood Advanced Design Center even commented that it could be used to create a space to hold 8×4-foot sheets of plywood diagonally, with room for tools underneath.

As for how you’ll load those tools in the back, GMC’s designers though of that too, with a power fold-down forward half of the truckbed.

There’s no word from GM on this concept ever hitting production and as we’ve yet to see the Granite make it to dealers, the Granite CPU is at least a year off. GMC looks to continue to fiddle with the platform some more, with plans to build a panel-van concept next – which could pose as a serious rival to the Ford Transit Connect.


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