Mahindra Pickups Should Be On Sale This Spring Says Distributor

Huw Evans
by Huw Evans

In yet another development of the Global Vehicles USA/Mahindra Pickup saga, Global’s CEO John Perez is adamant that the small, diesel engined pickups will be available to U.S. buyers by spring 2011.

In a letter sent out to a number of interested buyers, Perez stated: “I know you are wondering when you will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of these amazing, authentic, robust, fuel-efficient trucks at a Mahindra dealer near you,” and “while I cannot give you a firm answer on timing, I can tell you in my estimation, trucks will arrive in the spring of 2011.”

According to Perez, winter is the worst time to launch a vehicle, with September/October being a preferred choice, followed by March or April (like the hugely successful, original Ford Mustang for example).

Yet despite his optimism it looks like this little truck might already be a lame duck in our market. Maindra brass have said there is still no ‘planned date’ for a U.S. introduction and with Mahindra’s certification from the EPA set to expire on December 31st next year, time is running out and along with it patience and interest from potential buyers.

“I am disappointed and broken hearted by this mythical ghost truck,” said one, while another declared that the whole thing was “starting to sound like the bigfoot saga.”


Huw Evans
Huw Evans

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  • Steve Steve on Nov 22, 2010

    i hope they make it because it will raise the bar. toyota, nissan and the rest will never build a truck like this if mahindra doesnt get in the market and set new standard for small trucks

  • Joe Joe on Dec 23, 2010

    Toyota or nissan should just bring over one of their 4 banger turboed oil burners...I'm tired of the drama