SEMA 2010: Best In Show, Part 3

For all you lovers of body on frame chassis and four wheel drive, we bring you our favorite trucks of the 2010 SEMA Show.

If you prefer big motors, Made In America and think that lifting a truck is better than slamming a sport compact, check out the gallery below for all sorts of pickup-bed goodness. And for the record, our favorite trucks were anything based on the Ford Raptor.

Gallery: Trucks Of SEMA

Trucks 001.jpgTrucks 002.jpgTrucks 003.jpgTrucks 004.jpgTrucks 005.jpgTrucks 006.jpgTrucks 007.jpgTrucks 008.jpgTrucks 009.jpgTrucks 010.jpgTrucks 011.jpgTrucks 012.jpgTrucks 013.jpgTrucks 014.jpgTrucks 015.jpgTrucks 016.jpgTrucks 003.jpgTrucks 019.jpg

Trucks 020.jpgTrucks 021.jpgTrucks 022.jpgTrucks 023.jpgTrucks 024.jpgTrucks 025.jpgTrucks 026.jpgTrucks 027.jpgTrucks 014.jpg