SEMA 2010: Best In Show, Part 1

SEMA is so vast that it’s hard to truly see it all. Thanks to our eagle-eyed photographers, we’ve been able to cherry pick the best cars over the past few days, starting with the cars of the wheel and tire exhibit.

Rather than the usual dubs and donks, the wheel and tire exhibit had everything from a Lexus LFA to a gaggle of Ferraris to a perfectly restored 1953 MG TD. We even saw a Gumpert Apollo, a rare beast on this side of the Atlantic. The full gallery is below – it’s massive, but definitely worth your time.

Gallery: Wheel & Tire Expo

Wheel&Tire 001.jpgWheel&Tire 002.jpgWheel&Tire 003.jpgWheel&Tire 005.jpgWheel&Tire 006.jpgWheel&Tire 007.jpgWheel&Tire 009.jpgWheel&Tire 013.jpgWheel&Tire 015.jpg

Wheel&Tire 016.jpgWheel&Tire 018.jpgWheel&Tire 019.jpgWheel&Tire 020.jpgWheel&Tire 021.jpgWheel&Tire 022.jpgWheel&Tire 023.jpgWheel&Tire 029.jpgWheel&Tire 031.jpg

Wheel&Tire 033.jpgWheel&Tire 039.jpgWheel&Tire 043.jpgWheel&Tire 046.jpgWheel&Tire 047.jpgWheel&Tire 049.jpgWheel&Tire 051.jpgWheel&Tire 054.jpgWheel&Tire 055.jpg

Wheel&Tire 061.jpgWheel&Tire 062.jpgWheel&Tire 066.jpgWheel&Tire 071.jpgWheel&Tire 070.jpgWheel&Tire 069.jpgWheel&Tire 010.jpgWheel&Tire 013.jpgWheel&Tire 045.jpg

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