SEMA 2010: Chevrolet Debuts Z-Spec Concepts Including Volt, Spark, Cruze

Chevrolet debuted three new compact cars, as part of its new Z-Spec factory upgrades lineup, with the new Cruze and Volt, as well as the upcoming Spark subcompact rounding out the lineup.

While the concepts modifications are cosmetic in nature, the upgrades really elevate the conservative lines of the Cruze, with an orange paint job, Recaro seats and big wheels featuring prominently. The Spark could be considered a throwback to the days of “The Fast and the Furious”, with its creamsicle orange paintjob, white BBS wheels and Altezza taillights. Of the three, our favorite was the Volt, whose sharp angles, white paintwork and big wheels complimented the car in a way that the stock styling just doesn’t do.

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Gallery: Chevrolet Z Spec Spark

SparkZSpec.jpgSparkZSpec (1).jpgSparkZSpec (2).jpgSparkZSpec (4).jpg

Gallery: Chevrolet Z Spec Cruze

CruzeZSpec (1).jpgCruzeZSpec (2).jpgCruzeZSpec (3).jpgCruzeZSpec (4).jpgCruzeZSpec.jpg

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Gallery: Chevrolet Z Spec Volt

VoltZspec (1).jpgVoltZspec (3).jpgVoltZspec (4).jpgVoltZspec (5).jpgVoltZspec.jpg

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