SEMA 2010: Ford F-Series Concept Indulge Your Inner Bro

Ford F-150 F150

The “bro truck” is a distinctly local phenomenon, common in the Southwestern United States, where a stereotypical bro drives a souped-up pickup, usually with an enormous and inappropriate lift kit. Ever concious of this important demographic, Ford made sure to bring some outrageous F-Series concepts to SEMA, in the hopes of capturing the all-important flat-bill baseball cap crowd.

This year, Ford is also highlighting their 6-cylinder Ecoboost powertrain option with two concept trucks, the Godfather Customs F-150 and an F-150 put together by an imaginatively named outlet called “The Custom Shop”. While they don’t quite fit the “bro truck” model, they do look like vehicles that those with discerning taste would avoid…making them perfect for SEMA!

Gallery: Mickey Thompson F-150

MickeyThompson (1).jpgMickeyThompson (4).jpgMickeyThompson (6).jpgMickeyThompson (8).jpgMickeyThompson (2).jpg

Gallery: F150 Custom Shop

CustomShop (1).jpgCustomShop (3).jpgCustomShop (5).jpgCustomShop (2).jpgCustomShop.jpg

Gallery:F-Series Super Duty Skyjacker Suspensions

FSeries (10).jpgFSeries (11).jpgFSeries (14).jpgFSeries (15).jpgFSeries (9).jpg

Gallery: Ford F-350 Super Duty by Cars by Kris and Airhead Kustoms

CarsbyKris (5).jpgCarsbyKris (2).jpgCarsbyKris (3).jpgCarsbyKris (1).jpgCarsbyKris (7).jpg

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