SEMA 2010: H&R Springs Mazda2 Looks Track-Ready

Mazda Mazda2 Hatchback

Mazda does have an official presence at the SEMA Show with several hopped-up versions of the new Mazda2, but the nicest modified example of the Japanese automaker’s entry-level hatchback has got to be at the H&R Springs booth.

Sporting a 3D Carbon body kit and rear spoiler as well as some graphics along the side, this Mazda2 looks ready for the track thanks to some tiny Enkei J-speed wheels in a 15-inch fitment. And helping the hatch sit low on its rollers is an H&R Springs Street Performance Coilover kit.

With the stock 2 already quite a nimble ride thanks to its ultra-low curb weight, we’d really like to hit the auto-x with this H&R Springs car.

GALLERY: H&R Springs Mazda2


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