SEMA 2010: Underground Racing Twin-Turbo Lamborghini LP670-SV Makes 1,400-HP

Amidst all the OEM built and sponsored vehicles at SEMA are a few privately owned gems, commissioned by their owners from some of the top aftermarket shops in the country. We stumbled across one such creation at the Mobil 1 booth.

As though the Lamborghini LP670-4 SuperVeloce wasn’t potent enough, one speed freak decided to ship his car to Underground Racing, where the experts in turbocharging high-horsepower engines really took this Lambo to an all new level. Thanks to twin-turbochargers, the 6.5-liter V12 engine gets a bump from 670-hp to more than double at 1,400-hp. The entire engine was rebuilt from top-to-bottom, custom twin-disk carbon clutch is used to stand up to all that horsepower and a Motec ECU handles the fuel and spark.

Little else was done to the car (what else needs to be) with a nice set of HRE 798R wheels adding a little extra style to the wildest of Lambos.

We’re excited to see the first videos of this car blasting down the quarter mile or even demolishing the stock car’s 212-mph top speed.

GALLERY: Underground Racing Twin-Turbo Lamborghini LP670-4 SV

Lamborghini (1).jpgLamborghini (2).jpgLamborghini.jpgLamborghini (6).jpgLamborghini (5).jpgLamborghini (4).jpg

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