The Modified Ferrari 458 Italias of the 2010 SEMA Show

The Chevy Camaro might officially be the car of the 2010 SEMA Show, but we crossed paths with a rather significant number of Ferraris on the show floor; in particular the new 458 Italia. That being said, we thought it worth a post to share with you the modified 458s becase after all, who doesn’t love Ferraris. (OK, maybe a few Lambo guys don’t, but besides them, we think we have a pretty strong argument here).

Above, we couldn’t help but give the big picture to the Oakley Designs 458 in the HRE wheels booth, as it’s both the most highly modified 458 at the show – and also the best looking. And being in the HRE booth, it’s sporting some light weight P40S Monoblok rollers.

The black P40S design is hard to make out, but you’ll have no problem appreciating the same design in gold, as found on the 458 in the Nitto tires booth.

A total of three of the 458s were courtesy Giovanna Wheels with some particularly gaudy designs that are enough to make us cringe. One of the cars, a yellow and black 458, was (we’re forced to admit) well-suited to the Pirelli booth, while we absolutely love the shade of red on another of the cars – pity about the chrome wheels though. It was more of the same at the Savini wheels booth with a dark gray 458 there.

But enough yapping… check out all the 458s in the gallery below:

GALLERY: Modified Ferrari 458 Italias of the 2010 SEMA Show