Porsche to Reveal 600-HP Mid-Engine AWD Supercar at Detroit Auto Show

Porsche has officially confirmed it will debut an all new super sports car at the Detroit Auto Show in January and a report out of Germany suggests something very impressive.

While Porsche has been understandably tight-lipped on details, the vehicle is believed to be a twin-turbo V8-powered supercar, making 600-hp. It will be a mid-engined machine and utilize an AWD system to deliver all that power to the ground with maximum grip.

The body will use a considerable amount of carbon fiber.

This latest rumor piles on speculation as to exactly what Porsche will debut in Detroit, with early reports suggesting it will be a production version of the 918 Spider, while there’s also the possibility that it could be a coupe version of the Panamera, known as the 928.

Check back for full Detroit Auto Show coverage on January 10th. Until then, see our complete Detroit Auto Show preview here.