Radical SR3 Gets 300-HP Ford EcoBoost Engine


If you like going around a track faster than just about anyone else, the Radical SR3 is the car for you. It is also currently the fastest ‘street-legal’ car to lap the 13-mile Nurburgring circuit in an incredible 6min 48 secs.

For pure driving enthusiasts, the fact you can tweak this car in infinite ways to suit your driving style, and the availability of many different engines to propel you along with, has won this car respect and a loyal following.

For Radical fans, the news is just about to get even better, as two new versions will be unveiled at the 2011 Autosport International Show next month.

The SR3 SL will feature Ford’s new 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine, with some radical (get it?) tweaking, so in this application it will produce 300-hp, which is a lot when you consider the whole vehicle weighs just under 1,500 lbs. This model will also feature a six-speed paddle shift gearbox and a fly-by-wire throttle. Not extreme enough for you? Radical will also be offering a ‘Race Pack’ that will feature changeable engine mapping, an FIA approved fuel-cell, and a high downforce rear wing.

Want even more grunt, then how about the SR3 RX. This features a 2.7-liter V8, developed by RPX and it should produce nearly 400-hp.

So if you always wanted a Radical, you’ll have two new reasons to stop making any excuses.

[Source: Pistonheads]

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