Steve Millen Donates Modified Car To High School Auto Shop

If you’ve ever taken an auto shop class, you’ll remember the shop cars as being anything but desirable. K-Cars, T-Body GM’s and Ford Panthers involved drug related homicides often littered the garage area, while a crusty old teacher instructed you on the finer points of rebuilding a 3-speed automatic transmission.

For some lucky kids in Orange County, California, their new shop car isn’t an old junker, but a Nissan Altima heavily renowned by Nissan legend Steve Millen. Millen sold the car to the school for $1, leading us to believe that it was in no way street legal and unable to be titled. While there might not be any joyriding in the new shop car, learning to work on a modified car must be a treat for the teenagers in the auto shop class.

[Source: Orange County Register]