What's Best for Towing a Spacecraft? A 17-Year-Old Chevy Pickup

Huw Evans
by Huw Evans

After completing a top secret 220 day orbital space trial mission, the US Air Force’s Boeing X-37B unmanned space craft landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

And waiting to tow it off the flight-line and to the hangar was your everyday 1994 Chevrolet C3500 dualie pickup truck. Perhaps the landing should have taken place in Texas.

It goes to show that the humble pickup truck, even one that’s 17 years old can be used for just about anything, though there are likely few ‘94 C3500 rigs on the road today that can boast towing such a precious load as this one.

Naturally, the truck in question was powered by the most suitable engine for such a job, the old 454 cubic inch (7.4-liter) V-8. And judging from the photos, appears to have many years of use left in it. As ads declared when this truck was built – like a rock!

[Source: Pickup trucks.com]

Huw Evans
Huw Evans

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